[MCE] Milan exhibition to see EFIELD's global market layout

Time:2018-06-22 Visitors:4514

The biennial meeting of MOSTRA CONVEGNO expocomforts- MCE was held at the Milan international exhibition centre on March 13, 2018. EFIELD will cooperate with exhibitors and visitors to carry out a series of industrial exchange activities.


Milan MCE international exhibition was founded in 1960 and has been held every two years since 1982 in Milan, Italy. It echoes Frankfurt sanitary ware exhibition (ISH) and is one of the industry's most famous exhibitions in the world.As a large-scale international professional exhibition, the Milan international MCE exhibition has become a benchmark for understanding and mastering the trend of the global HVAC bathroom industry all over the world.In recent years, HVAC enterprises in China and around the world have attached great importance to it.


With the theme of "the nature of comfort", this exhibition will present a wealth of commodities and the latest technology trends of hvac bathroom industry, covering many fields: heating, hot and cold water, ventilation, refrigeration, water treatment, renewable energy and smart home, etc.


As the world's leading manufacturer of piping systems, EFIELD was presented at the 2018 Milan international MCE exhibition.


The theme color collocation of EFIELD exhibition hall is mainly white and supplemented by red, which reflects the simple and practical concept that EFIELD has been adhering to for a long time and achieves the best user experience.