Product Introduction Product Specification
ASTM F876/877,CSA B137.5 BAR/ROLL
3/8 10/20/100-1000FT
1/2 10/20/100-1000FT
5/8 10/20/100-1000FT
3/4 10/20/100-600FT
1 10/20/100-500FT


EN ISO15875:2007 BAR/ROLL
16x2.0. 5/100/200M
20x2.0 5/100/200M


Product characteristics

EFIELD Radiant PEX is a PEX-B tubing with Oxygen Diffusion Barrier (also referred to as "EVOH" PEX tubing).Oxygen Diffusion Barrier is a layer of special polymer, applied to the external surface of the tubing during the manufacturing process. It serves a single important purpose of preventing the molecules of oxygen (O2) from diffusing into the water through the walls of the pipe.

Most common applications for EFIELD Radiant PEX include radiant heating systems, snow melting systems and supply/return lines for boilers and outdoor wood furnaces.

Product Execution Standards

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