Product Introduction Product Specification
MODEL No. Size
EPS01 5/8"Coupling 
EPS02 3/8"Coupling 
EPS03 1/2"Coupling 
EPS04 3/4"Coupling 
EPS05 1"Coupling 
  Reducing Coupling
EPS11 3/8"*1/2"Coupling 
EPS12 1/2"*3/4"Coupling 
EPS13 3/4"*1"Coupling 
  Male Adaptor
EPS21 3/8"PEX*3/8"Adapter
EPS22 3/8"PEX*1/2"Adapter
EPS23 1/2"PEX*3/8"Adapter
EPS24 1/2"PEX*1/2"Adapter
EPS25 1/2"PEX*3/4"Adapter
EPS26 3/4"PEX*1/2"Adapter
EPS27 3/4"PEX*3/4"Adapter
EPS28 3/4"PEX*1"Adapter
EPS29 1"PEX*3/4"Adapter
EPS30 1"PEX*1"Adapter
  Sweat Adaptor
EPS31 1/2"PEX*1/2"
EPS32 3/8"PEX*1/2"
EPS33 1/2"PEX*3/4"
EPS34 5/8"PEX*3/4"
EPS35 3/4"PEX*3/4"
EPS36 1"PEX*1"
EPS37 3/4"PEX*1/2"
EPS41 3/8"Plug
EPS42 1/2"Plug
EPS43 3/4"Plug
EPS44 1"Plug
EPL01 3/8"Elbow
EPL02 1/2"Elbow
EPL03 3/4"Elbow
EPL04 1"Elbow
EPL05 3/8"X1/2"Elbow
EPL06 3/4"X1/2"Elbow
EPL07 1"X1/2"Elbow
EPT01 3/8"Tee
EPT02 1/2"Tee
EPT03 3/4"Tee
EPT04 1"Tee
  Reducing Tee
EPT11 1/2"*3/8"*3/8"
EPT12 3/8"*3/8"*1/2"
EPT13 1/2"*3/8"*1/2"
EPT14 1/2"*1/2"*3/8"
EPT15 3/4"*3/4"*3/8"
EPT16 1/2"*1/2"*3/4"
EPT17 3/4"*3/4"*1"
EPT18 1"*3/4"*1"
EPT19 1"*1"*1/2"
EPT20 3/4"*1/2"*1/2"
EPT21 3/4"*1/2"*3/4"
EPT22 3/4"*3/4"*1/2"
EPT23 1"*3/4"*3/4"
EPT24 1"*1"*3/4"
EPT25 1"*3/4"*1/2"
EPT26 1"*1/2"*3/4"
EPT27 1"*1/2"*1"
  Drop-ear Elbow
EPL21 1/2"PEX*1/2"
EPL22 3/4"PEX*3/4"
EPL23 3/4"PEX*1/2"
  Crimp Ring
EPR01 3/8"
EPR02 1/2"
EPR03 5/8"
EPR04 3/4"
EPR05 1"

Product characteristics

Efield CRIMP FITTINGS are made of lead free brass, being corrosion-resistant.  By the strictly processing progress, EFIELD CRIMP FITTINGS are hot-forged for superior stability and strength. Crimp fittings are used for making connections to PEX pipes. They are certified by NSF. The pex plumbing system is an integration of durable and flexible pipes, crimp fittings and manifolds. Pex pipe is made of cross-linked and high-density polyethylene. Crimp fittings are designed and manufactured to connect pex pipe in plumbing system. They are made of lead free brass, being corrosion-resistant.

Product Execution Standards

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