Product Introduction Product Specification
MODEL No. Description Size
  Equal soket  
EIS01 S20
EIS02 S25
EIS03 S32
EIS04 S40
EIS05 S50
EIS06 S63
EIS07 S75
EIS08 S90
EIS09 S110
EIS11 S25X20
EIS12 S32X20
EIS13 S32X25
EIS14 S40X20
EIS15 S40X25
EIS16 S40X32
EIS17 S50X20
EIS18 S50X25
EIS19 S50X32
EIS20 S50X40
EIS21 S63X20
EIS22 S63X25
EIS23 S63X32
EIS24 S63X40
EIS25 S63X50
EIS26 S75X32
EIS27 S75X40
EIS28 S75X50
EIS29 S75X63
EIS30 S90X32
EIS31 S90X40
EIS32 S90X50
EIS33 S90X63
EIS34 S90X75
EIS35 S110X40
EIS36 S110X50
EIS37 S110X63
EIS38 S110X75
EIS39 S110X90
  Female Straight  
EIS41 S20X1/2F
EIS42 S25X1/2F
EIS43 S25X3/4F
EIS44 S32X1/2F
EIS45 S32X3/4F
EIS46 S32X1F
EIS47 S40X1 1/4F
EIS48 S50X1 1/2F
EIS49 S63X2F
EIS50 S75X2 1/2F
  Male Straight  
EIS51 S20X1/2M
EIS52 S25X1/2,M
EIS53 S25X3/4M
EIS54 S32X1/2M
EIS55 S32X3/4M
EIS56 S32X1M
EIS57 S40X1 1/4M
EIS58 S50X1 1/2M
EIS59 S63X2M
EIS60 S75X2 1/2M
  90° Elbow  
EIL01 L20
EIL02 L25
EIL03 L32
EIL04 L40
EIL05 L50
EIL06 L63
EIL07 L75
EIL08 L90
EIL09 L110
  45° Elbow  
EIL11 L20
EIL12 L25
EIL13 L32
EIL14 L40
EIL15 L50
EIL16 L63
EIL17 L75
EIL18 L90
EIL19 L110
  Female Elbow  
EIL21 L20X1/2F
EIL22 L25X1/2F
EIL23 L25X3/4F
EIL24 L32X1/2F
EIL25 L32X3/4F
EIL26 L32X1F
  Male Elbow  
EIL31 L20X1/2M
EIL32 L25X1/2M
EIL33 L25X3/4M
EIL34 L32X1/2M
EIL35 L32X3/4M
EIL36 L32X1M
  Equal Tee  
EIT01 T20
EIT02 T25
EIT03 T32
EIT04 T40
EIT05 T50
EIT06 T63
EIT07 T75
EIT08 T90
EIT09 T110
  Reducer Tee  
EIT11 T25x20
EIT12 T32x20
EIT13 T32x25
EIT14 T40x20
EIT15 T40x25
EIT16 T40x32
EIT17 T50x20
EIT18 T50x25
EIT19 T50x32
EIT20 T50x40
EIT21 T63x20
EIT22 T63x25
EIT23 T63x32
EIT24 T63x40
EIT25 T63x50
EIT26 T75x32
EIT27 T75x40
EIT28 T75x50
EIT29 T75x63
EIT30 T90x32
EIT31 T90x40
EIT32 T90x50
EIT33 T90x63
EIT34 T90x75
EIT35 T110x40
EIT36 T110x50
EIT37 T110x63
EIT38 T110x75
EIT39 T110x90
  Male Tee  
EIT41 T20x1/2M
EIT42 T25x1/2M
EIT43 T25x3/4M
EIT44 T32x1/2M
EIT45 T32x3/4M
EIT46 T32x1M
  Female Tee  
EIT51 T20x1/2F
EIT52 T25x1/2F
EIT53 T25x3/4F
EIT54 T32x1/2F
EIT55 T32x3/4F
EIT56 T32x1F
  Check Valve  
EIQ01 φ20
EIQ02 φ25
EIQ03 φ32
EIQ04 φ40
EIQ05 φ50
EIQ06 φ63
EIQ07 φ75
EIQ08 φ90
EIC01 20
EIC02 25
EIC03 32
EIC04 40
EIC05 50
EIC06 63
EIC07 75
EIC08 90
EIC09 110

Product characteristics

EFIELD PPR fittings, Europe design, certified by AENOR, mating PPR pipe. Application
(1) Pipeline system of residential hot or cold water
(2)Transportation and discharge of water for industrial use or chemical species
(3) Pipeline system of pure water or drinking water
(4) Procreative and conveying system of soft drink and mediation
(5) Pipeline system for pressure air
(6) Other pipeline system for industry agriculture

Product Execution Standards

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