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  Model No. Specification Size Qty. (pcs/ctn)
EMS01 Straight Union S16X16 160
EMS02 Straight Union S20X20 120
EMS03 Straight Union S25X25 80
EMS04 Straight Union S32X32 48
EMS11 Reducing Straight Union S16X20 160
EMS12 Reducing Straight Union S16X25 120
EMS13 Reducing Straight Union S20X25 120
EMS14 Reducing Straight Union S25X32 72
EMS31 Male Straight Union S16X1/2M 160
EMS32 Male Straight Union S16X3/4M 160
EMS33 Male Straight Union S20X1/2M 140
EMS34 Male Straight Union S20X3/4M 140
EMS35 Male Straight Union S25X1/2M 96
EMS36 Male Straight Union S25X1M 80
EMS37 Male Straight Union S25X3/4M 120
EMS38 Male Straight Union S32X1M 60
EMS41 Female Straight Union S16X1/2F 160
EMS42 Female Straight Union S20X1/2F 140
EMS43 Female Straight Union S20X3/4F 140
EMS44 Female Straight Union S25X3/4F 120
EMS45 Female Straight Union S25X1F 80
EMS46 Female Straight Union S32X1F 60
EML01 Elbow L16X16 96
EML02 Elbow L20X20 80
EML03 Elbow L25X25 48
EML04 Elbow L32X32 32
EML11 Female Elbow L16X1/2F 120
EML12 Female Elbow L20X1/2F 96
EML13 Female Elbow L20X3/4F 80
EML14 Female Elbow L25X3/4F 60
EML15 Female Elbow L32X1F 40
EML21 Male Elbow L16X1/2M 120
EML22 Male Elbow L20X1/2M 96
EML23 Male Elbow L20X3/4M 100
EML24 Male Elbow L25X3/4M 72
EML25 Male Elbow L32X1M 40
EML41 Female Elbow with plate L16X1/2F(A) 96
EML42 Female Elbow with plate L20X1/2F(A) 72
EML43 Female Elbow with plate L25X3/4F(A) 60
EMT01 Tee T16X16X16 96
EMT02 Tee T20X20X20 56
EMT03 Tee T25X25X25 32
EMT04 Tee T32X32X32 16
EMT11 Female Tee T16X1/2FX16 96
EMT12 Female Tee T20X1/2FX20 56
EMT13 Female Tee T25X1/2FX25 40
EMT14 Female Tee T25X3/4FX25 32
EMT15 Female Tee T32X1FX32 16
EMT21 Unequal Tee T16X20X16 80
EMT22 Unequal Tee T20X16X16 80
EMT23 Unequal Tee T20X16X20 72
EMT24 Unequal Tee T20X20X16 72
EMT25 Unequal Tee T20X25X20 40
EMT26 Unequal Tee T25X16X16 40
EMT27 Unequal Tee T25X16X25 40
EMT28 Unequal Tee T25X16X20 40
EMT29 Unequal Tee T25X20X16 40
EMT30 Unequal Tee T25X25X16 40
EMT31 Unequal Tee T25X25X20 40
EMT32 Unequal Tee T25X20X20 40
EMT33 Unequal Tee T25X20X25 40
EMT34 Unequal Tee T32X20X20 32
EMT35 Unequal Tee T32X25X25 32
EMR01 Sleeve φ16 320
EMR02 Sleeve φ20 240
EMR03 Sleeve φ25 160
EMR04 Sleeve φ32 80
EFT-C 16-15-16 T-tubes for radiator connection 16Xφ15X16 N/A
EFT-C 16-15-20 T-tubes for radiator connection 16Xφ15X20 N/A
EFT-C 20-15-16 T-tubes for radiator connection 20Xφ15X16 N/A
EFT-C 20-15-20 T-tubes for radiator connection 20Xφ15X20 N/A
EFT-C 20-15-25 T-tubes for radiator connection 20Xφ15X25 N/A
EFT-C 25-15-20 T-tubes for radiator connection 25Xφ15X20 N/A
EFT-C 25-15-25 T-tubes for radiator connection 25Xφ15X25 N/A
EFL-C 16-15 L Tube for radiator connection 16-φ15 N/A
EFL-C 20-15 L Tube for radiator connection 20-φ15 N/A
EFL-C 20-18 L Tube for radiator connection 20-φ18 N/A

Caracteristicas de producto

EFIELD sliding fittings are suitable for the supply  drinking water, sanitary hot water, cooling, heating systems with radiators and radiant panels and compressed air installations with advantages as below
Suitable both for PEX and multilayer (Pex/Al/Pex) pipes
One system both for drinking water and heating installations
Corrosion resistance
Greater water flow and consequently lower pressure drops
Heat treatment of the bush which guarantees greater plasticity, greater deformation capacity and less breakage
Low coefficient of thermal expansion value
Quick and easy isntallation also with manual tools
Safe installation: watertight connection, without stagnation points and without requiring O-rings or additional gaskets


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