Product Introduction Product Specification
Desc. MODEL No. Description Size
Equal Straight Union    
  EJS02 Equal Straight Union S16x16
  EJS04 Equal Straight Union S20x20
  EJS06 Equal Straight Union S25x25
  EJS07 Equal Straight Union S32x32
Equal Elbow




  EJS02 Equal Elbow L16x16
  EJS04 Equal Elbow L20x20
  EJS06 Equal Elbow L25x25
  EJS07 Equal Elbow L32x32
Equal Tee    
  EJS02 Equal Tee T16x16x16
  EJS04 Equal Tee T20x20x20
  EJS06 Equal Tee T25x25x25
  EJS07 Equal Tee T32x32x32

Product characteristics

Range of Application:

Potable water piping

Surface heating/Cooling

-Floor, wall, ceiling

-Dry wall construction

-Under plaster mounting




1,The PPSU fitting system in the world simultaneously convering 16-32mm pipe dimensions.

2,No joint reduction

3,The patented products

Product Execution Standards

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