Product Introduction Product Specification
ID*OD(mm) Bar/Roll 
16.0*20.5 5M/25M/50M/100M/200M
20.0*24.0 5M/25M/50M/100M/200M
25.0*30.5 5M/25M/50M/100M/200M
27.0*32.0 5M/25M/50M/100M/200M

Product characteristics

Efield Corrugated Tubes Characteristics and Features 

Material: Polyethylene
Temperature Range : Min-30℃, Max 80℃,Short-term100℃
Properties : flexible ,low rigidity ,glossy surface,oil resistant 
1. Used to enclose and protect electrical wires that supply power to a home or a building or a machine Method of use
Place the wires or cables directly into the pipe and connect the electrical box with the supporting flexible pipe connector.
2. Used to enclose and protect gas pipes or water pipes 
Good flexibility, glossy surface, chemical resistance
Color: Black. Other colors are customizable upon requirements
Coil or Length Size:100 meters per coil 50 meters per coil  5/10 meters per length 
Packing:covered with shrinked film or nonwooven bag

Product Execution Standards

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